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Alice & Bertie® is about many things including connecting first with ourselves, and then reaching out to others.

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Life Changing
Wow! How amazing to find a book that recognises all of the people in our lives and how they help us, sometimes unknowingly, to realise our own dreams.  I was fascinated by this book and how it reached me on such an emotional level.  It made me revisit some of the most painful times in my life and appreciate what a strong person I have turned out to be by overcoming such dreadful times.  Through this book I have, at last, reached a point in my life where I can be proud of my capabilities and inner strength.  This book has turned my life around and has helped me onto a new path of self discovery.  With a new ethos I'm following my dreams for a more creative and enjoyable future.  Thanks to Neil and Jacquie for giving me the motivation I needed.  This book has changed my life!

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